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hey bestie!! thank you so much for choosing my course to start generating some sales for your biz! if you don't know me yet, i'm azia! i started my own body care biz when my son was only 1 month old, i was looking for a way to make some extra money while staying at home with him - little did i know it would turn into a $500k biz in 2 years!! fast forward 3 years later, i started soft beauty essentials to help others who want to do the same. i've been sharing my recipes and tips on youtube for 2 years now and noticed the need for coaches in the beauty and body care field! i would always get asked to show how i make my products or how i grew my brand so fast, and that's why i decided to start creating digital products for people to access across the world!

i'm a self taught entrepreneur, everything that i'll be teaching you is my own knowledge through trial and error. after 2+ years, i've mastered my formulations and my customers swear by my products. i've navigated every social media there is to optimize my sales and traffic to my site organically, i'm going to teach you all of my personal gems to help you reach 6 figures through your own biz. this course works for any product based biz but is fine tuned especially for beauty based brands!

you can navigate this course at your own pace, follow along with me through demos, and if you still have questions after, book a personal call with me for more 1-on-1 help!

love you so much,

azia xx

you can watch my background story here <3

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